Johnsonville, Sheboygan Falls, Wis., shows consumers once again that the great taste of sausage does not need to be consumed in a link. First to market a few years ago with burger-style sausage grillers, now the company has turned sausage into strips.

The meat is manufactured in a manner similar to turkey bacon. Pork is chopped and blended with spices, curing salts, phosphates and other functional ingredients, and then formed and sliced. This industry-first product looks and cooks like bacon, but it’s sausage.

Unlike traditional pork bacon, these strips are fully cooked. They can be prepared in the microwave, skillet, oven and even air fryer. The four varieties are: Chorizo, Maple, Original and Spicy. Each 12-oz package contains approximately 12 strips with a suggested retail price of approximately $4.99.

Product testing by the company showed that 86% of participants stated the product met or exceeded expectations. Compared to bacon, the sausage strips contain more meat, and thus do not shrink like bacon when cooked. They are also lower in sodium than bacon.

The company said that for crispy edges with a tender bite, heat strips over medium-high heat for a short time. Heating them low and slow causes them to become tough. When they’re done, let them sit for a bit, as the strips will crisp as they cool.