ROUND ROCK, TEXAS – Since Nolan Ryan retired from Major League Baseball in 1993, he has dedicated more time to his first and lifelong passion as a cattle rancher and beef producer. He launched his own line of beef about 20 years ago and the Nolan Ryan Beef brand has been extended and grown ever since.  The Hall of Fame pitcher’s latest venture will debut June 26, with the opening of his company’s brick-and-mortar, butcher shop, Goodstock by Nolan Ryan.

The 1,800-square-foot, full-service “boutique” retail shop, based in central Texas, is billed as a destination store featuring Ryan’s new product line of fresh beef and Texas-themed food products, grilling accessories and products for the home. Two new Goodstock lines of premium beef will be available to customers at the store from butchers who will custom cut the meat to order.

“What makes me most excited about the new store is that it’s not only an opportunity to sell great quality beef, but it’s also an opportunity to educate folks on beef selection and preparation,” Ryan said. “We go to a lot of effort to ensure our beef is tender and flavorful every time, so we want to give our customers all the right information and tools for a great experience at their table.”

He added that the other products offered at the store feature products from businesses in the Round Rock area.   

“We’re also excited to be featuring so many local producers and artisans in the store. It’s a true Texas collaboration.”

All of the store’s products will also be available, beginning in August, on its website,