AMSTERDAM – McDonald’s in The Netherlands sought to answer the question of what will dining out look like in a post-pandemic society with the reveal of a prototype restaurant in the Arnhem GelreDome stadium.

In addition to contactless drive-thru service, the restaurant design accounts for in-store dining and carryout orders. For dine-in customers, orders are served at the table using a serving trolley to maintain a safe distance between employees and customers, the company said. Hand washing stations are by the restaurant entrance.

The “Take Out Plus” service provides a completely contactless ordering experience that is aimed at serving customers who cannot use the McDrive, such as cyclists or pedestrians. Customers can be asked to wait in a designated area and place their orders by scanning a QR code or using a digital kiosk.

Employees work in zones at 1.5 meters apart and where necessary with Plexiglas partitions. The new way of working for McDonald’s employees at the GelreDome is called “Put down, step away and transfer,” according to the company.

“As the largest restaurant company in the Netherlands, we like to think in solutions,” said Erwin Dito, managing director McDonald’s Nederland. “Of course, every restaurant is different, the same applies to our own restaurants, but every entrepreneur has to deal with the same challenges to create a safe environment for guests and employees.

“That is why we invite fellow restaurant entrepreneurs to come and visit us and think together about improvements that benefit the entire industry. In this way, we can work together to ensure that all Dutch people will soon be able to enjoy everything the restaurant industry has to offer in a safe manner.”