Many weekend warriors appreciate the protein content of meat jerky, a backpack-friendly refuel food. But all jerkies are not created equal. Meat source, flavoring ingredients and preparation help set brands apart in the crowded meat snack marketplace. These differentiators also assist with positioning jerky as a more nutritious snack for everyday consumers.

Southwest Bison, Amarillo, Texas, does that with Pure Bison Jerky. The family-owned company honors the American Bison in its line of natural jerkies that come in original, barbecue and spicy varieties. The product starts with bison steaks marinated in a honey-sweetened and seasoned beef stock. The jerky contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

“Our family has been stewarding regenerative ranch land in Texas for over 120 years,” said Jenna Bennett, project manager. “Our holistic ranch management practices work toward restoring our environment to health by focusing on soil.”

Holistic management is a whole farm planning system that helps farmers, ranchers and land stewards better manage agricultural resources in order to reap sustainable environmental, economic and social benefits. This ultimately produces product with great nutritional values, according to the company. Healthy land equates to more nutritious meat, which contributes to healthier lifestyles.

“Our practices will accomplish this without chemicals and with minimal mechanical disturbance,” Bennett said. “We believe bison to be a key factor in helping restore our environment.

“We guarantee that we’ll only source all-natural products, so you need never worry about being exposed to artificial ingredients or methods of production. We also guarantee that your protein will be the highest quality of meat achievable because of our expert care due to humane handling and holistic management practices.”