SALISBURY, MD. – For the third consecutive year, Perdue Farms achieved a Tier 2 ranking from the Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW) for the company’s animal welfare protocols.

A Tier 2 ranking places Perdue Farms among the top 15% of more than 150 global food companies ranked in the report; in the top 7% of US food companies ranked; and one of only two US poultry or meat companies to achieve Tier 2 or higher. The 2019 Benchmark is supported by Compassion in World Farming and World Animal Protection.

“We share a common objective with the BBFAW, which is to continuously improve the welfare of the animals in our care,” said Randy Day, chief executive officer of Perdue Farms. “This high ranking for the third year in a row validates progress toward our vision to be the most-trusted name in premium protein, and provides independent, third-party recognition of our commitments.

“This ranking also shines an important spotlight on our family farmers, who help raise our chickens with the highest standards and utmost care. Especially during this uncharted time of COVID-19, we see our farmers’ tireless dedication now more than ever as they remain committed to their essential roles in helping to keep our nation fed.”

As proof of the company’s efforts to drive continuous improvement in the area of animal welfare, the benchmark report cites Perdue’s Research Farm, which studies the effects of brighter light, more space, outdoor access and enrichments on different chicken breeds.

The company also publishes an Animal Care Report which demonstrates Perdue’s commitment to research and innovation across key chicken welfare areas; and the company’s annual Animal Care Summit, which unites animal care experts and advocates, customers, farmers, and company leadership to discuss Perdue’s latest animal care updates.

Finally, Perdue offers various financial incentives such as live bird handling and rewards for welfare outcomes in addition to productivity. These incentives ensure that broiler farmer income is not negatively impacted by higher welfare measures.

“This tool makes it clear which companies are leading, and which are lagging,” said Steve McIvor, CEO at World Animal Protection. “Food producers, supermarkets and restaurant chains will ignore the demands of consumers at their own peril. With this tool, we expose who’s leading the way on animal welfare, and who's lagging and showing little concern for animal cruelty. The BBFAW tool provides a robust and objective analysis of corporate disclosure on farm animal welfare and makes animal welfare information easily accessible.”