OTTAWA, Ontario – Outbreaks of reportable and deadly animal diseases have prompted the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to consider imposing limits on how much food individuals can bring into Canada. CFIA is seeking input on the proposed new limits.

Changes under consideration better reflect the volume of foods typically carried by travelers for their personal use but don’t pose a food safety risk to other Canadians, the agency explained. CFIA is focusing on personal exemption limits; commercial shipments are not included in this review. Categories under consideration for new limits include meat, poultry, processed egg products, dairy products and other food items.

“The Canadian Food Inspection Agency wants to help ensure that food in Canada is safe without delaying or unnecessarily restricting travelers carrying food for personal use,” said CFIA President Siddika Mithani. “We want Canadians to participate in this consultation and to tell us what they think of the proposed new limits.”

Canada imposes strict limits and regulations on the import of animal and plant products to deter foreign animal diseases such as African Swine Fever and Food and Mouth Disease in addition to invasive species. These limits apply to all individuals entering Canada, CFIA noted.

The comment period is open until March 4, 2020.