PHOENIX – Fud, a pork-based brand of Bar-S Foods, a subsidiary of Monterrey, Mexico-based Sigma Alimentos, announced the launch of a new smoked sausage product featuring Tapatío Hot Sauce. The sausage packaging highlights the two well-known Hispanic brands.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Tapatío. We know consumers crave to personalize their food and, even more, to experiment with spice,” said J.J. Tellez, marketing director for Sigma. “Our collaboration will expand into products that will delight consumers with new flavor alternatives that will create more tasty moments to enjoy FUD and Tapatío together, surprising with pairings that many families have been doing at home.”

Tapatío hot sauce has been in the American market for more than 40 years and is a staple in many homes and restaurants.

“We are pleased that the Fud brand has partnered with us in the meat category, they understand the market and are passionate about authentic flavors,” said Luis Saavedra, vice president, Tapatío. “Our loyal consumers will enjoy true Tapatío hot sauce in the convenience of products for everyday use."

The new sausage product is available in a 14-oz. package with six links.