KANSAS CITY — Whether certified organic, non-GMO, antibiotic-free or 100 percent Angus beef, clean label and premium meat varieties are beefing up new product launches.

Opting to offer organic options, the Campbell Soup Co.’s Pacific Foods brand is launching a new line of organic soups made with organic chicken bone broth. Each soup contains 7 to 10 grams of protein from the broth and plant-based protein sources such as lentils, chickpeas and beans. All five varieties – Caribbean black bean, chicken noodle, curry chickpea, hearty Italian vegetable, and white bean kale and millet – are USDA-certified organic and free of genetically engineered ingredients.

Offering organic poultry at a competitive price point, Perdue Farms is introducing Perdue Simply Smart Organics, a new line of USDA-certified organic fully cooked chicken products. The lineup includes whole grain, certified gluten-free and lightly breaded varieties of nuggets, strips and tenders in the frozen and refrigerated foods sections.

“Consumer choice is important, but people should never have to choose between serving quality, organic food to their families or settling for an alternative product solely based on price,” said Eric Christianson, chief marketing officer for Perdue. “For convenient, high quality, organic fully cooked chicken, Perdue now offers consumers an option that meets their demand without sacrificing their needs. The growth in organic continues to outpace the rest of the food market, so this is clearly something consumers want. Perdue Simply Smart products already emphasize ‘better-for-you’ attributes, such as lightly breaded, simple ingredients and nothing artificial. Now we’re going to offer consumers certified organic at prices that are more affordable.”

Playing to the premium seekers, Hormel Foods Corp. is launching a new chili made with 100% Angus beef. Available with or without beans, Hormel Angus Beef Chili is made with chunks of beef slow-simmered with a blend of spices and vegetables.

“We are thrilled to offer a premium Angus beef chili,” said Mark Beierle, brand manager at Hormel Foods. “Made with 100 percent Angus beef, Hormel Angus Beef Chili delivers a bold flavor and texture perfect for consumers who enjoy the exceptional taste and eating experience of Angus beef.”

Premium products were also the focus of Oberto Snacks’ new Cattleman’s Cut Texas Style Flank Steak Beef Jerky. The 9-oz. Texas Style Flank Steak Beef Jerky is made by marinating long strips of flank steak for 48 hours before slow-cooking them.

“We’ve seen a remarkable response from customers about this new product,” said Tom Hernquist, president and CEO of Oberto. “The delicious taste and very tender texture of our new flank steak product are unlike anything else in our category. It’s a perfect fit for our loyal consumers who want great tasting, high quality beef jerky at an excellent value.”

Catering to the clean label crowd, Hormel’s Columbus Craft Meats brand is adding to its snack offerings with new Columbus Salami & Cheese snacks. The pre-portioned snack packs combine rBST-free cheeses with the company’s new salami flavors made from pork raised without antibiotics and no added nitrates or nitrites. Varieties include Italian dry salami and white cheddar cheese, genoa salami and provolone cheese, and peperoni and fontina cheese.

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