BOGOTA, Colombia — Cargill announced on Nov. 30 that it acquired Colombia-based chicken and protein processor Campollo.

The company plans to expand its protein business in Latin American which includes Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Cargill made a previous chicken and protein acquisition in Colombia during 2017 with its purchase of Pollos Bucanero.

Jorge Ivan Duque, who served as general manager for Cargill’s Pollos Bucaneor, will oversee the company’s expansion into Colombian poultry products. Duque has worked for 13 years in the poultry business of Central America and Colombia.

“As a Colombian, I’m proud we are strengthening the way we serve our customers and helping even more communities prosper,” Duque said. “Campollo reaches millions of customers across the country. The acquisition complements and enhances our product portfolio and expands our current reach to more of the Colombian market. I´m confident this will be a smooth integration that will benefit our employees, customers, consumers and communities.”