Pollos El Bucanero SA is Cargill's first business venture in the country as it strives to better serve customers in Latin America.
CALI, Colombia – Cargill announced on June 1 its acquisition of Pollos Bucanero, a chicken processing company that served retail and foodservice companies in and around Colombia for more than 30 years. The newly acquired company is part of Cargill Protein Latin America and gives Cargill access to the regions of Colombia in addition to the countries it already serves, including: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

“Cargill is starting a new stage in Colombia, under the Bucanero brand, which is recognized and preferred by millions of customers across the country,” said Jorge Ivan Duque, who was appointed general manager of the Pollos Bucanero business. The acquisition adds 5,000 employees to the workforce in Colombia and the company works with more than 170 producers across the country.

“Just like Cargill, this is a family business. We are confident that this will be a smooth integration and will lead to numerous benefits for our employees, customers and communities,” said Duque, who has worked in the Central American poultry industry for 12 years.   

“As we enter this market, we bring the experience gained from working in protein across four continents for more than 50 years,” said Xavier Vargas, president of Cargill Protein Latin America.

With the addition of Pollos Bucanero, Cargill employs more than 35,000 people at 200 sites across 14 Latin American countries. “This global presence, and our extensive work in other regions of Latin America, provides us a wealth of expertise in quality standards and an understanding of cultural taste differences,” Vargas said. “We look forward to delivering on the preferences of Colombian consumers and enriching their protein options.”