Za’atar is leading the second wave of Mediterranean foods to hit America, according to Alexander Harik, co-founder and CEO of Zesty Z: The Za’atar Co., Brooklyn, New York. It’s a popular dried wild thyme seasoning blend that is showing up everywhere, including all types of meat and poultry.


“Zesty Z is a brand dedicated to the awesome flavor and versatility of za’atar,” Harik says. “Our first product is a za’atar condiment and spread. It adds bold and healthy Mediterranean flavor to any meal. It’s plant based, gluten free, clean label, low sodium and sugar free.”

It is also shelf stable, making it convenient for consumers, culinary professionals and even commercial food manufacturers to store and use as needed.

“We have direct relationships with thyme farmers and use an authentic family recipe to create Zesty Z,” he said. “The advantages of Zesty Z — an herb and olive oil fusion — versus the dried seasoning are quality and convenience.”Lamb burger

It can be mixed into ground meats to make burgers, loaves and balls. Raw meats can marinate in it and then get baked for a crunchy coating. It can be used to encrust meats or applied as a topping to fully cooked meat prior to serving.