Commercial meat and poultry processing for heat-and-eat style entrees is not conducive to many cooking methods that contribute desirable flavors to the protein. This is particularly true with products prepared by sous vide, a cooking technique involving vacuuming and sealing food in a specially designed pouch and slow cooking it in water at low temperatures until it is fully cooked.

Fuchs North America, Baltimore, is rolling out The Braising Box, a new line of flavors that translate popular cooking methods into craveable flavors. The collection’s four seasonings are inspired by the latest trends in culinary techniques. These items are the starting point for food manufacturers and foodservice establishments to develop their own rich signature product offerings. Savory seasonings include osso buco and smoky brisket. There’s also a Szechuan ginger broth base.

“Consumers want their food to tell a story, and they also have been pushing for more complex flavors,” said Shannon Cushen, director of marketing. “As a result, call-outs to specific cooking methods and the flavors that they evoke have been growing rapidly across categories. Think grilled, smoky and roasted flavors.

“Our newest collection brings cooking method call-outs and culinary techniques to life with delicious seasonings that offer depth and complexity, exactly what consumers are craving,” Cushen said.

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Howard Cantor, corporate executive chef, said, “Our Smoky Brisket 2.0 Seasoning is a new take on the craveable tastes of Texas barbecue. This isn’t your average brisket. We’ve taken an already trendy dish but ramped up the flavor with smoky notes for complexity.”

The osso buco seasoning has elevated roasted notes and a savory blend of herbs and spices. It can give just about any protein comfort food status, according to Cantor. The Szechuan ginger broth base is packed full of complex flavor and features a trendy Asian-inspired flavor profile.