SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – Bobby Hatoff, chairman of Allen Brothers, was elected president of the North American Meat Processors Association by the board of directors in late October.

Hatoff later expressed his appreciation and thanked many of his industry colleagues. “I would like this honor to be the honor for all those who passed on knowledge and graciously gave of their time and friendship,” Hatoff said. “But for this, they may never be remembered. Some of these people I worked with every day.”

Hatoff said he was “fortunate to be the second NAMP president from Allen Brothers, the first being Mel Salomon.

“Over the years I have met many of the past dedicated presidents of NAMP and it is my hope along with the terrific gentlemen on our executive committee, and with the NAMP staff, that our years ahead will continue to be ones of friendship and success,” Hatoff said.