True value

Creekstone Farms sells to food distributors US Foods and Sysco, but its ability to work with smaller customers across a broad range and provide them the necessary products that differentiate them from the big players keeps those customers coming back.

“Under the brand there’s a number of different programs, all based on quality genetic cattle that we’ve built our programs around and focusing on the uniqueness that our customer base is dealing with,” Rogers says.

Foodservice represents 65 percent of Creekstone’s business with the vast majority of what’s left made up of independent retailers going up against the larger chains. A major piece of the advantage comes from true Black Angus cattle, not just cattle with black hides. This dedication to superior genetics secures solid relationships with long-term customers.

In 2017, Creekstone processed about 295,000 cattle.

“Our customers want a Creekstone program because it gives them the differentiation in the marketplace with that consumer,” Rogers adds. “I think with the programs that we offer under our brand, whether it’s our non-GMO or natural or conventional program, whatever it is, that brand gives that retailer or that foodservice distributor or that restaurant chef or operator a uniqueness in the marketplace that they can get behind.”

Every unique nuance plays a role in Creekstone Farms’ consistent quality and well-deserved reputation. And while creativity and innovation permeate everything from employee benefits and retention, to production schedules and custom processes from live animal loading to packaged product, Tanner sums up the company as a whole quite accurately and succinctly. “It’s authentic.”