White Castle
The chain is offering its LTO turkey sliders in time for Thanksgiving. 
COLUMBUS, Ohio – Just because it’s the season of turkey, stuffing and cranberries, doesn’t mean White Castle can’t join in on the feeding frenzy. The burger chain is bringing back its Turkey Slider and sweet potato fries in time for the holiday season.

“With each new season, we strive to bring more bold flavors to cravers across the country,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle. “From satisfying holiday comfort foods to offering limited supply White Castle gear for our adventurous Cravers, we’ve got you covered.”

White Castle is offering a limited-time 99¢ Bistro Turkey Slider, made with an all-natural white Butterball turkey burger topped with bistro sauce or the new Cheddar and Apple Butter Turkey Slider. The sliders can be accompanied with sweet potato fries.

Appealing to customers buying in bulk, an insulated bag designed to hold orders of 30 sliders and keep them warm. The Crave Case is available for free when for orders made online or by using the mobile app.  

 “The Crave Caddy is perfect for cravers looking to crave ahead and save by ordering online or in the mobile app for their next party, large event or family dinner,” said Richardson.