COLUMBUS, Ohio — White Castle announced June 3 that it partnered with Alliance Sales and Marketing and Burdette Beckmann to expand retail distribution of its frozen slider products.

White Castle said sales of its signature sliders at retail over the past four years have quadrupled sales of frozen snacks and appetizers in that segment.  

“White Castle has seen significant organic growth since our 2x2 inch sliders first launched in retail, but we haven't changed our sales structure in 25 years," said Tiffany Carreker, vice president of retail sales at White Castle. "These new partnerships reflect a future-forward approach and will allow us to better serve our retail partners and ultimately the consumer."

Alliance Sales and Marketing is a nationwide food broker that helps brands grow in grocery stores and convenience channels. Burdette Beckman Inc is a sales agency that works with snack and confectionary manufacturers. The company will serve as White Castle's new broker of record in the vending channel.

White Castle's retail offerings include the Original Slider, Cheese Sliders, Jalapeno Cheese Sliders, Chicken Breast Sliders, Turkey and Smoked Cheddar Sliders, Veggie Sliders and Black Bean Sliders.