COLUMBUS, Ohio – White Castle is hoping to be a part of consumers’ Thanksgiving Day spreads. The iconic burger chain is promoting its signature burgers as a key ingredient in a turkey stuffing recipe an employee developed in 1991. The fast-food company is re-releasing the recipe, which includes a healthy helping of its sliders, which are available in retail frozen food cases throughout the country or from any of the restaurants across the US.       

“White Castle’s Turkey Stuffing recipe puts a classic Craver touch on the popular traditional side dish,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “Using the Original Slider, cooked in your own home or in one of our restaurants, gives the stuffing a unique flavor that’s sure to satisfy every guest and have them craving more.”

The recipe calls for 10-12 White Castle Sliders and notes that when using burgers from the restaurant, cooks should remove the pickles before adding them to the formulation. Preparation time is about five minutes and the cooking time is 35 minutes.

According to the company, “Cravers across the country can visit their local grocer’s frozen food section or their local White Castle restaurant, to pick up Original Sliders and put their touch on this classic Crave recipe.”