The two organizations will host a pork loin challenge to supplement the World Barbecue Championship.
SMITHFIELD, Va.- Smithfield Foods Inc. and the World Food Championships (WFC) will be 2017 sponsors of the 6thannual culinary competition held in Orange Beach, Alabama, Nov. 8-14. The WFC competition draws world-class chefs and home cooks from around the globe, each of whom have qualified through other contests. This year, Smithfield and WFC will host an ancillary Pork Loin Challenge to supplement their Kansas City Barbecue Society and International Barbeque Cookers Association-sanctioned World Barbecue Championship.

"Smithfield has been continuing to invest in barbecue as a food sport and we are thrilled to be sponsoring the Smithfield Pork Loin Challenge at the 2017 World Food Championships," said Emily Detwiler, director of fresh pork marketing at Smithfield Foods. "This event will allow the challengers to showcase the versatility of and drive inspiration on the ease of grilling Smithfield Fresh Pork."

Approximately 100 qualifying teams will receive pork loins from Smithfield during the contest scheduled for Nov. 9. Participants are allowed to prepare the loin in any way they choose for cash prizes. Creativity is encouraged and contestants may break down the loins into specialty cuts such as chops, cubes and strips before cooking them on a grill or smoker.

"We are delighted to be featuring Smithfield in our BBQ Championship this year," commented Mike McCloud, president and CEO of WFC. "Smithfield is a world-class company and a great partner, one that our food champs love to compete with in professional food sport events."