LAS VEGAS – Late last week, the World Food Championships announced a continued partnership with Wright Brand bacon, a Tyson Foods product, as the title sponsor for the Bacon World Championship as part of its 2014 World Food Championships, which will be held in Las Vegas from Nov. 12-18.

The 2014 World Food Championships will feature the world's best cooks and chefs, pitting "Joes" and "pros" on an equal playing field to battle it out for hundreds of thousands of dollars and the title of the World Food Champion. Following a tournament-style format across nine food categories – BBQ, chili, burger, sandwich, recipe, dessert, bacon, pasta and seafood – competitors will compete for a chance to claim the title of World Food Champion and the event's $100,000 grand prize.

"We are excited to welcome Wright Brand bacon back into our culinary mix of partners in Las Vegas," said Mike McCloud, president of the World Food Championships. "Wright brand bacon's premium products are versatile and known for their quality, which makes them a perfect fit for our competitors at the World Food Championships."

Wright Brand bacon, as title sponsor, will award $25,000 in total category prize money to the best culinary amateurs and pros competing in the Bacon World Championship, the culinary competition dedicated solely to bacon. This product will also be featured in the pantries of all category competitions and served to the attending public throughout the competition week.

"The World Food Championships partnership with Wright brand bacon will place a global spotlight on one of the most unifying themes of our time: our love of bacon," said Keith Barber, director of marketing for Wright brand bacon. "This November, Las Vegas will host bacondom's very best and brightest in their pursuit of the ultimate title of Bacon World Champion. As the bigger, better bacon, we are proud to support and celebrate these bacon visionaries in their delicious quest."

Wright Brand products include hams, smoked ribs, brisket, sausage and bacon. Wright Brand bacon is made from premium pork bellies, slow smoked with natural hardwoods for eight hours, using a 90-year old proprietary curing recipe.