The meat alternatives will be released in many Kroger locations.
CHICAGO – Quorn Foods, a company that makes meat-alternatives, introduced three new refrigerated products, which are 100 percent meat and soy-free. Included in this rollout are Italian Sausage, Chicken & Apple Sausage, and Chicken Strips.

The Quorn refrigerated line will be available in the US at almost 1,500 Kroger and associated Kroger stores such as Fred Meyer, King Soopers, and Ralphs.

Quorn's US launch into the refrigerated meat alternative category follows years of product development to ensure that the Quorn refrigerated products kept a similar quality to frozen products.

"The launch of the Quorn refrigerated line at Kroger marks an exciting new chapter for Quorn Foods in the US,” said Ben Sussna, head of marketing at Quorn Foods USA. “We are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to make reducing meat consumption tastier, healthier, and more convenient for consumers."

All Quorn products are made with Quorn's proprietary ingredient, called Mycoprotein, which is high in protein and fiber and low in saturated fat and cholesterol. This non-GMO protein allows Quorn products to have a different texture to soy-based products currently on the market.