BERKELEY, Calif. –  Prime Roots, formerly known as Terramino Foods, plans to launch new plant-based meat alternatives for bacon, chicken and other items during spring 2020. The products can be shipped to customers directly nationwide.

Prime Roots’ products are made using their Koji superprotein, a whole-food source of protein. The company said Koji is a plant-based source of protein that serves and provides meaty umami notes and meaty texture.

The startup was founded by Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon, while researchers at the UC Berkeley’s Alternative Meat Lab. The founders said they currently have a waitlist of 10,000 people to order their products online.

Prime Roots is another plant-based protein company to join Collaborative Fund’s investment portfolio. The company also has invested in Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, as well as plant-based food and beverage companies such as Just and Ripple Foods.

The company plans to roll out alternatives for salmon, tuna and lobster.