The compnay competed against 10 other franks for the honor. 
NEW YORK – According to The New York Times, Wellshire beef franks are the No. 1 hot dogs on the market. 

The New York Times recently taste-tested several all-beef hot dog brands to inform readers on the best and worst hot dogs for summer barbecues. The
article with the results recently ran in The New York Times food section.

"This is a gratifying honor," said Louis B. Colameco III., Wellshire founder and president. "Wellshire never compromised on its ingredients or taste, and has always stayed true to its promise to give customers an all-natural product they can feel good about feeding their family."

Wellshire ranked first on the list according to the article's author, Julia Moskin.

Moskin said Wellshire All Natural Premium Beef Franks have "a true and familiar hot dog profile: an identifiable beefy taste, a texture that's soft but not mealy, a noticeable juiciness and a thread of warm spice flavor. Wellshire Farms got the edge because of its slightly larger size, coming in first in our tasting."

The taste-test was judged by Moskin and two other native New Yorkers, experts you could say when it comes to the topic. 

The terms of the taste-test included that:

The hot dogs would be cooked on gas grill until well browned
Each would be tasted plain to evaluate the intrinsic qualities of the hot dog: seasoning, beefiness, snap, texture. 
Each would be eaten in a bun with the judge's preordained condiments - the same for each dog, to keep the flavor profile consistent."

Wellshire hot dogs are gluten free, soy free, have 40 percent less sodium, and are GAP Step 1 approved, meaning all beef used was never subject to cages, crates or crowding. 

"We've always believed our hot dogs were the best!" said Colameco. "We're thankful to The New York Times for spreading the word so that people across the country can enjoy all natural meals with their families."