High Liner Foods' Pulled BBQ Salmon slider with Granny Smith apple slaw and fried pickles
High Liner Foods' Pulled BBQ salmon sliders with fried pickles and Granny Smith Apple slaw.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A seafood supplier has pulled a page from the meat industry cookbook, while Atlanta-based Arby's takes "the Rachel" beyond a hairstyle made famous by Jennifer Anniston's character on “Friends”.

High Liner Foods, a value-added seafood supplier in Portsmouth, NH, introduced Pulled BBQ Salmon. The company developed the product to help foodservice operators “stand out from the herd”.

“With consumers continuing to crave barbecue, Pulled BBQ Salmon provides operators with the opportunity to serve quality, on-trend seafood in a healthier and familiar barbecue dish for an innovative addition to any operator's lineup,” said Jim Papadakis, brand manager for High Liner Foods.

The fully cooked premium salmon comes pre-portioned in 2.5 lb. vacuum packs. The item can be boiled or steamed in-bag for heat-and-serve convenience, High Liner Foods said. The product is available in two flavors: Traditional and Sriracha.

The company recommends its pulled salmon as an alternative to traditional pulled pork, but said the product is also ideal for tacos, wraps and as a salad topper.

Arby's Rachel Sandwich with turkey and cole slaw
The Rachel is Reuben's best friend.

Meanwhile, Arby's Reuben now has Rachel – a twist on the classic sandwich which substitutes corn beef and sauerkraut with turkey and house-made coleslaw.

“Arby's is focused on delivering delicious, premium sandwiches that you just can't get through a drive-thru anywhere else,” said Rob Lynch, brand president and CMO. “So we decided to bring the Rachel in for the month of March. Rachel is essentially Reuben's best friend. Instead of the Reuben's corned beef and sauerkraut, Rachel is loaded with 100-percent whole turkey breast meat and creamy coleslaw. It's a match made at Arby's.”

Arby's Rachel Sandwich retails for $4.99 for a limited time.