NEW ORLEANS – Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage is partnering with nine grill masters and chefs this week to put a spin on time-tested favorites using andouille and Cajun flavors for Father’s Day weekend.  

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    At-home chefs, @TheGrillDads, will be making a jambalaya burrito smothered in a Cajun cream sauce.  

    Kirklan Collins, @TheGrillRevealer, will take the Sausage Dog to the next level. Adding toppings like sauteed onions and peppers, he’ll show how to elevate the traditional hot dog. 

    Katherine Salom, @GirlGoneGrilling, will share her twist on the Sausage Dog by topping it with soft, creamy Mac n’ Cheese.  

    Phillip Fryman, @SouthernFatty throws some extra heat on the grill by adding a Jalapeño Caramelized Onion Slaw to the sausage.   

    Lauren Nagle, @BonAppeteach, will prepare a Low Country Boil-inspired charcuterie board featuring perfectly seared Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage, grilled corn, green beans, and red potatoes. She finishes the board with grilled shrimp and a three-ingredient cheese dipping sauce.  

    Derek Campanile, @DadwithaPan, will give a Cajun spin to a traditional Spanish Paella, topping it with a Jambalaya Kabob. Both dishes are prepared on the grill and use Zatarain’s products.  

    Mike Elender, @MeatLikeMike, introduces us to a grilled delicacy called Pig Shots. Creating a shot glass from a ½-inch thickly sliced sausage wrapped in bacon, the dish is finished with cream cheese and boudin, then smoked on the grill until the bacon is crisp. 

    Jack Arnold, @JackArnold, brings jambalaya to new heights with Zatarain’s Smoked Sausage, grilled old-school over charcoals. Arnold’s addition of charred shrimp to this fan-favorite sausage and rice dish, deliver the perfect amount of flavor.

Zatarain’s is promoting the use of the company’s sausage as an ingredient in dishes to add a Louisiana flair.