The Crave Kitchen and Integrated Meating Room at AdvancePierre Foods
The Crave Kitchen and integrated “Meating” Room enable an interactive product development process, AdvancePierre said.

CINCINNATI – AdvancePierre Foods recently opened the doors to its new innovation and research center. The space is the place for the company’s clients to test food solutions using production facility, commercial kitchen and home kitchen capabilities under one roof.

The center is located with AdvancePierre’s processing facility in Cincinnati. Teams have room to work alongside customers in dedicated spaces for concept development and refinement; food preparation and testing. The facility enables separation of raw ingredients from ready-to-eat products, the company noted.

Additional capabilities include a sandwich & bakery lab; meat lab; processing lab; customer kitchen with adjoining conference room; additional meeting spaces; walk-in pantries, coolers and freezers; and a receiving room. And to cap it all off, the space incorporates a sensory lab in which internal screened testers evaluate products.

AdvancePierre Foods' Meat Lab
The Meat Lab is a small-scale production facility that ensures raw meat handling is isolated from fully cooked product areas.

The facility features equipment from home and commercial microwave ovens and steam-heating ovens to turbo chef-style ovens, convection ovens, grills and fryers.

“The new, interactive space complements AdvancePierre’s integrated product development process, facilitating enhanced cooperation between R&D, consumer insights, marketing and sales, all the while engaging customers at the most critical junctures in the product development process,” said Bernie Panchot, AdvancePierre’s senior vice president of research and development.