MOSCOW — The largest McDonald's restaurant in Russia resumed business on Nov. 19 after a three-month closure, according to news reports.

Russian government officials closed the flagship restaurant on Moscow's Pushkin Square, in addition to several other locations, based on reports of food-safety violations. A representative for McDonald’s Russia said two more restaurants in Moscow will re-open, one in November and the other in January, after planned modernizations of the restaurants.

McDonald’s announced the upgrades on its Russian website. The updates will include modern equipment, new-service technology, renovated interiors and updated facades and landscaping.

"We will systematically re-equip our restaurants to provide prompt service" and highest-quality products..." the company said in a statement. New ordering options for customers will include self-service kiosks. Internet and mobile phone ordering platforms will follow, the company said.

"Modernization of restaurants combines several strategic business priorities — creating a comfortable atmosphere for parents and children; the introduction of innovative technologies, both in the kitchen and in the interior design, as well as the promotion of an active lifestyle and a balanced diet," the company said.

Despite the positive news of McDonald’s resuming business in Russia, consumer safety officials there continue to conduct unscheduled checks on McDonald's locations.

At least four restaurants were forced to close by court order— three restaurants in Volgograd and one location in Sochi. The company said it plans to appeal the closures to a higher court. Rospotrebnadzora, Russia's consumer safety authority, has initiated 200 food safety audits of McDonald's restaurants, the company noted.

"We will do everything possible to continue the success of our company in Russia," the company said.