Papa Johns
The company plans to add 50 more restaurants in Russia by the end of the year.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Papa John’s International Inc. has announced the opening of its 100th Papa John’s restaurant in Russia. The pizza chain opened more than 32 locations in Russia in the past year — the first location was opened in 2003.

Currently there are 60 corporate-owned restaurants and 40 franchise restaurants in Russia, with the most recent location in St. Petersburg. The restaurant is one of the more expansive locations in Russia with approximately 193 sq. m. and 36 seats.

“The opening of the 100th Papa John’s Pizza restaurant in Russia is a big milestone for both the Russian market and for the international business as a whole. It confirms the brand’s attractiveness in the market and high potential for further development. I am thankful to all our franchisees for their confidence. Papa John’s actively chooses each franchisee in Russia to partner with and appreciates their passion and loyalty to the brand,” said Christopher Wynne, president and CEO of Papa John’s Russia and PJ Western Company. “Papa John’s has invested more than $5 million in the development of Russian agricultural producers since August 2014. These investments enable the brand to leverage local suppliers and ensure the freshest ingredients are delivered to all Papa John’s restaurants. Additionally, all suppliers pass several levels of quality control, from regional to international standards.”

Papa John’s business in Russia continues to focus on its e-commerce efforts. More than 75 percent of all orders are placed online. The brand plans to continue improvement of its website, mobile apps and other business tools in 2017.

In addition, Papa John’s plans to add an additional 50 restaurants in Russia by the end of 2017.