MOSCOW – Cargill has opened a $40 million chicken processing plant at its Efremov, Russia-based complex near Moscow. The facility will supply McDonald’s restaurants in Russia with Chicken McNuggets and other chicken products.

In addition, Cargill is developing local supply partnerships with Russian poultry farmers.

“Cargill has had a strong business relationship with McDonald’s for many years and when sourcing locally became a key requirement for McDonald’s in Russia, we were pleased to be able to work together and help them find a solution,” said Jeremy Graves, general manager of Cargill Meats Europe. “Our processing plant and our joint efforts to build a sustainable local supply chain is yet another example of the ongoing collaboration between our two companies.”

With more than 140 employees, the new facility has the capacity to produce 18,000 tonnes per year of further processed chicken products. Cargill’s operations in Efremov also include a corn and wheat sweeteners facility, a vegetable oil refinery and bottle plant, a malt plant and an animal feed mill.