ABERDEEN, SD – Animal welfare expert and longtime contributing editor to Meat&Poultry, Dr. Temple Grandin, had good things to say about Northern Beef Packers’ new Aberdeen beef-packing plant, according to local news reports.

Grandin reviewed plans for the facility before it was built. She toured the finished plant Dec. 28, and said she was pleased with the design of the facility. The company received its permanent certificate of occupancy from the city of Aberdeen, which means Northern Beef Packers is free to process an unlimited number of cattle.

The project, which began in 2006, has been plagued by delays such as financial issues, local opposition, and a recession and flooding. The 420,000-sq.-ft. plant has the capacity to process an estimated 1,500 head per day. About 200 people currently work at the plant, but that number is expected to reach 650 when the plant is fully operational.

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