CHAMPAIGN, Ill. – Dr. J. Brad Morgan, senior food-safety and enhancement specialist for Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health), was appointed president-elect of the American Meat Science Association.

“Brad brings with him a wealth of experience in academia and industry with a generous dose of volunteerism,” said Thomas Powell, AMSA executive director. “As he steps up to lead the association, his energy and ideas will help him lift AMSA to the next level of service to the meat science community.”

Dr. Morgan has been an active AMSA member since 1986. He has served as director from 2009-2011, and participated on numerous AMSA committees.

“The future of the AMSA is an exciting one!” he said. “Beginning with the undergraduate students who participate in the judging and other AMSA activities, to the graduate student professional development activities extending to the professional and emeriti members and their continued passion and love for the organization and the industry, there are a variety of ways that AMSA will expand its interaction with meat-science professionals and increase our advocacy on behalf of the meat-science industry.

“I see meat scientists continuing to generate scientifically-based, third-party research findings that are published in research journals and AMSA taking a more active role to get our research, our comments and the truth into the hands of political, medical and media editorial groups/individuals,” he added. “It is important to the future of our organization and our industry that AMSA be recognized as the unbiased source for creditable meat science news.”

As senior food-safety and enhancement specialist at Zoetis, Dr. Morgan works in a variety of areas related to meat science, ranging from pre-harvest food-safety efforts to carcass quality and outreach. He also serves as the interface between Zoetis and food service and retail sectors of the industry and is a key resource for the US field force, according to AMSA. Dr. Morgan also has oversight of several research projects that have a carcass/meat science component.

Starting in 1995, he taught undergraduate and graduate meat science courses and researched the quality, quantity, safety, and usefulness of meat and meat products as a member of the animal science faculty at Oklahoma State Univ.

Dr. Morgan received his B.S. in Animal Science from Oklahoma State Univ., his M.S. in Meat Science from the Univ. of Nebraska–Lincoln (1988) and his Ph.D. in Animal Science from Texas A&M Univ.