CAMDEN, NJ – Campbell Soup Co. debuted its newest flavor in the SpaghettiOs line, CheeseburgerOs.
Campbell's said the new CheeseburgerOs is only the third time in nearly 50 years the SpaghettiOs brand has introduced a new flavor. The company released PizzOs and CheesOs in the 1980s. Each 15-oz. can is packed with an estimated 750 “O’s” per can in a cheeseburger-flavored meat sauce.

“SpaghettiOs has been a kid favorite in homes for nearly 50 years, and the adults who enjoyed it years ago are now serving them to their own kids and grandkids,” said Ed Carolan, general manager, Soup & Simple Meals at Campbell Soup Co. “Just like the original, the new CheeseburgerOs offering stays true to our roots, providing a wholesome kid-pleasing main dish that mom can feel good about serving to her family.”

SpaghettiOs original flavor was launched in May of 1965. Currently, Campbell's produces various shaped SpaghettiOs alongside the original SpaghettiOs flavor.