GAITHERSBURG, Md. – Sodexo, Inc. announced plans to phase out eggs sourced from hens kept in cages. The company buys 39 million shelled eggs annually.

Switching to cage-free eggs is part of Sodexo's sustainability initiatives that encompass food sources, energy and facilities management services.

"Shifting to cage-free eggs is just one more way Sodexo is proactively implementing commitments under The Better Tomorrow Plan, our roadmap for sustainability," said Deborah Hecker, Sodexo’s vice president of sustainability and CSR. "Our decision to source shelled eggs exclusively from hens in cage-free environments specifically addresses our commitments to buy local, seasonal or sustainably grown or raised products."

Sodexo in North America has 6,000 clients in education, health care, government and corporate dining operations. The company serves more than 10 million customers daily. Sodexo develops, manages and delivers on-site service solutions and personal and home service worldwide.