The company plans to phase out eggs sourced from confined animals.
SÃO PAULO, Brazil – JBS SA announced that by 2020, the company will no longer use eggs sourced from confined chickens in the company’s products manufactured in Brazil.

The company said in its sustainability commitments, which are posted on its website, that starting this year, JBS “…assumed the commitment to buy commercial eggs, which are used as ingredients in its products, only from chickens raised free of cages.”

Additional advances in poultry welfare include the gradual reduction of antibiotics used in production at Seara, a unit of JBS. “Seara has gradually reduced the amount used in its production, not being used in a preventive way, and the company is committed to continue to advance the reduction of the drug in the coming years,” according to the website. Antibiotics are only administered with veterinary recommendations.

Other animal welfare initiatives include transitioning to collective housing for sows. “The adopted pattern is the European one, which defines the maximum of 28 days’ gestation in individual stalls, passing the remainder of the pregnancy in collective stalls,” the company’s website states.