CHICAGO – Best Chicago Meat Co. LLC is introducing three new products under the Glenmark Black Label line.

The new Glenmark Black Label line includes:

  • Angus Beef Chuck - 1/3 pounders made from USDA Choice Angus beef chuck;
  • Angus Mini Burgers – 2 oz. burgers made from USDA Choice Angus beef chuck; and
  • All White Meat Turkey Patties – 1/3 pounders with 6 percent fat.

Glenmark’s Classic Line includes:

  • Steak Eater’s burgers, restaurant-style – ¼ lb. of USDA beef;
  • Cookout burgers – 1/3 lb. of USDA beef; and
  • Great Grillsby Patties – ¼ lb. of USDA beef, soy and a special mild seasoning.

Best Chicago Meat signed a licensing agreement to produce and market Glenmark brand frozen hamburgers. The company acquired the Glenmark brand in Dec. 2011. The Glenmark frozen burger was originally owned by OSI. The company currently produces ground beef, sausage, hot dogs and Italian beef under the brands Glenmark, Jemm, David’s Kosher, Moo & Oink and Scala's Original.

“The ownership of the brand makes our company the leading frozen burger producer in the Midwest, and we’re really proud of that,” said David L. Van Kampen, president and chief operating officer of Best Chicago Meat. “We are bringing Glenmark an unparalleled level of quality while keeping the good value.”