Epic Provisions Wild Boar with Uncured Bacon snack bar
EPIC Provisions new line of wild game meat snacks was inspired by an elk hunt.

AUSTIN, Texas – EPIC Provisions has launched four new wild game products inspired by an elk hunting adventure through Colorado. The meat bars from the new line are Wild Boar with uncured bacon, Venison with sea salt and pepper and Salmon with sea salt. The fourth product is Salmon Maple Dill Bites.

In September of last year, EPIC’s director of operations, Kirk Blanchard, and Taylor Collins, EPIC’s co-founder, fulfilled one of Blanchard’s dreams of bow-hunting elk in Colorado. The hunt took place on Brad Probst’s property in Kremmling, Colorado. Probst was the company’s first bison rancher and has provided hundreds of animals for EPIC products and guided the five day hunt.

On the fifth and final day of the adventure, Blanchard shot an 800-lb. elk with his bow and 600 lbs. of meat was harvested from the animal. Two thousand elk bars were made from the meat, but federal and state laws prohibit the sale of meat from animals butchered or harvested in the wild. The elk bars were given away to brand partners, media influencers and core retailers.

The experience of Blanchard’s bucket list hunting experience inspired the creation of the new wild game line.

The Wild Boar bar comes from animals trapped wild in Texas and butchered at a USDA-certified facility. The venison is from deer raised wild on the South Island of New Zealand and the salmon products are made from fish caught in the wild by a family operation in Alaska.