NORTH SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Meat & Livestock Australia launched a campaign on March 28 to promote the environmental credentials of the Australian sheep and cattle industry coinciding with worldwide ‘Earth Hour’ event.

Australia’s red-meat producers are renowned for no nonsense, practical solutions and it is vital that this is communicated to metropolitan audiences, according to Don Heatley, Meat & Livestock Australia’s chairman and fifth generation North Queensland cattle producer.

"Protecting the environment is a priority for the Australian red-meat industry and a vital part of maintaining its ongoing sustainability," Mr. Heatley said. "Ongoing communications, including advertising, will be targeted at urban audiences; those who are often not as familiar with livestock production and what happens on a working property.

"A central plank of the campaign will be the use of producer case studies to let producers themselves tell of the wealth of environmental work occurring and allowing them to demonstrate the positive environmental credentials of Australia’s sheep and cattle industries," he added.

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