NORTH SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Up to A$20,000 (US$16,477) per year for up to three years is being offered by Meat & Livestock Australia to southern Australian beef and sheepmeat producer groups to undertake Producer Demonstration Site projects. Applications for P.D.S. funds must be submitted to M.L.A. by 5 p.m. on Aug. 28.

Focusing on sustainable, profitable beef and sheepmeat production and efficient management of the feedbase, the program is designed to support groups of livestock producers to generate new, or validate existing, research and development knowledge.

The goal of the P.D.S. program is to support producers efforts to investigate new on-farm innovations and practices for their region and how to implement them into their business management, said Richard Apps, M.L.A. Adoption Manager — Sheep.

"Innovation through research is a crucial foundation to improving a producer’s business — converting that innovation into practical application is what the P.D.S. program is all about," Mr. Apps said. "One of the best ways to ensure innovation is adopted is to provide the means for local adaptation and relevance through producer groups. With financial assistance from M.L.A., producer groups will be able to tailor a project to a specific need in their region; it’s up to the group’s enthusiasm to drive it from there."

P.D.S. funds can be used for direct project operating costs, external project support and facilitation and communication and adoption activities associated with project establishment.

Projects should focus on the commercial implementation, validation and adoption of outputs from M.L.A.’s research portfolio.

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