BRUNSWICK, Ga. –– A $4.75 million expansion project approved by the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) board of directors will expand the Port of Savannah’s capacity for refrigerated container storage by 45 percent.

“As the leading US container port for poultry exports, this new investment will not only expand capacity, but create additional opportunity to export American-made and grown products to the world,” said Curtis Foltz, GPA’s executive director. The project will consist of the fabrication and installation of 20 four-story, steel-framed refrigerated container racks. It is scheduled to be completed in September 2012.

Forty-four refrigerated container GPA racks are currently in service. Each rack powers 24 refrigerated containers. When complete, the new racks will allow the Port of Savannah to accommodate 1,536 containers with a total of 64 racks online. More than 40 percent of US containerized poultry, or 1.6 billion lbs., are moved annually by the Port of Savannah. In the past five years, refrigerated container volume has increased 54 percent at the port.