TORONTO, Ontario – Burger King Restaurants of Canada Inc. is expanding its Classic Poutine offering. For a limited time, the new Angry Poutine and Poutine with Bacon are available at participating BK restaurants throughout Canada.

Originating in Quebec, poutine consists of French fries, fresh cheese curds and in some cases additional ingredients, topped with brown gravy or sauce. It is one of Canada's most loved dishes. Canadians order more than 78.6 million servings of poutine per year. BK executives hope the new menu items will increase their 10 percent stake of total poutine servings throughout Canada.

The AngryPoutine, which builds on the success of the company’s signature Angry Whopper, takes the Classic Poutine recipe and adds jalapeño peppers, crispy onions and the signature angry sauce. The Poutine with Bacon starts with the Classic Poutine and then adds a load of bacon.

"We see an opportunity to become the destination for Canada's favorite dish by reaching the growing demographic of poutine lovers," said Cameron Loopstra, senior marketing manager for Burger King Restaurants of Canada Inc. "These new poutine options build on our already successful Classic Poutine by incorporating our guests' two favorite taste profiles – the signature ‘Angry’ taste and bacon."

The Angry Poutine and Poutine with Bacon are available for a limited time, suggested retail price for the Classic Poutine is $4.89 [US$4.71], though it can differ based on the restaurant/location, a BK spokesman told