TORONTO, Ontario – Burger King Restaurants of Canada Inc. has launched its new four piece Chicken Tenders for $1 (US$1.01), featuring a new seasoning and shape. Debuting on menus this summer, a nation-wide couponing campaign launched Aug. 29 the new offering.

With the tagline “Go ahead and share, we'll make more,” participating restaurants are introducing a 20-piece menu item served up in original packaging specially designed for optimal shareability. The national couponing initiative will distribute more than two million $1-coupons by mail to residences across the country in late August.

Chicken Tenders are available in 4-, 6-, 10- and 20-piece servings at a suggested retail price of $1.00, $3.99 (US$4.05), $4.99 (US$5.06) and $6.99 (US$7.09). Product is served with six dipping sauces: buffalo, barbecue, zesty, sweet and sour, honey mustard or ranch.