RANDERS, Denmark – Stig Kjærø, CEO of Danish Crown in the United States, was recently awarded His Royal Highness Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honor for his outstanding contribution to Danish exports. In response, Kjærø offered a spare-rib prepared the American way to HRH The Prince Consort.

Vacuum-packed Danish spare-ribs were served, there was Danish pork on the menu and the sound of Danish voices filled the air in front of a huge wall decoration with photos from the Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Horsens, Jutland, on June 10 at the Grand Café in Morristown, NJ, near Danish Crown’s American headquarters. HRH The Prince Consort attended the event.

Denmark’s total exports to the US continue growing, despite the large volume of pork the US produces and the lingering financial crisis. US consumers eat 75,000 Danish spare-ribs daily, and every year 1,500 containers of Danish pork are shipped to the US.

HRH The Prince Consort recognized this achievement while on a royal visit to the US by presenting his Medal of Honor to Kjærø and presenting him and Danish Crown with the Diploma of the Danish Export Association. The Prince Consort praised Danish Crown and Kjærø for strongly representing “the finest Danish export traditions”, and for their “ability to make Danish Crown’s products a sellable brand on the American market”.

Kjærø thanked the Prince Consort for the honor, which he said he would share with his family, Danish farmers, company slaughterhouses, logistics, export registration and business partners, as well as the rest of the executive team headed by Chairman of the Board of Directors Niels Mikkelsen, who was also among the 34 employees, business associates, diplomats, friends, family and royal representatives attending the lunch.

HRH Prince Henrik’s Medal of Honor has been awarded since 1982. The award includes a medal, a diploma and the right to use the royal logo and name. “I will use it as much as possible in marketing contexts,” Kjærø said. “Being a purveyor to the Royal Danish Court is definitely something that people notice.”