NEW ORLEANS – Cargill has launched FlakeSelect at the Institute of Food technologists Food Expo taking place in New Orleans this week. The FlakeSelect products enable food manufacturers to reduce sodium in processed foods, snacks and baked goods, or reformulate with sea salt, while maintaining the salt taste consumers expect.

FlakeSelect uses Cargill's patent-pending compacting technology to combine salt and other ingredients. The compacting process applies pressure to the ingredients to create an agglomerated, or clustered, thin flake with properties including uniform consistency, low-bulk density, high solubility and a large surface area. Cargill claims the result is a great-tasting flake that when compared to dry blended or granulated products, has superior adherence for topical applications. These applications include salty snacks, bakery products and seasoning blends for meat products.

"Four out of 10 consumers check product labels for low-sodium claims, and most of the sodium consumed in the American diet comes from processed and restaurant foods," said John Franklin, marketing manager, Cargill. "FlakeSelect allows food processors and food service operators to reduce the amount of sodium in their products while maintaining the taste and appearance consumers demand."

FlakeSelect is available in four varieties, which offer unique flake product functionality: FlakeSelect KCl (potassium chloride), FlakeSelect KCl/Salt, FlakeSelect KCl/Sea Salt and FlakeSelect Sea Salt. Each variety is available in the following cuts: Extra Coarse, Coarse, Fine Flake and Flour. FlakeSelect can also be customized based on a customer's needs.

"In most cases, we can work with a customer to replicate the taste and look of their current product, but reduce the sodium – with comparable consumer liking," Franklin said. "Customers have told us that they're interested in improving flavor, and that they need various flake 'cuts,' including fine and flour cuts. They're also looking for salts that won't stratify [form layers] on topical applications. With FlakeSelect, Cargill can help customers address those types of needs – and many others – to reformulate existing products or develop new ones."