PARKLAND, Fla. – Jerk Nation has launched a new product called “Sportsman’s Mix” in its new gourmet line of Beef Jerky products. The company has partnered with It’s Nuts to create a unique product that is packaged with two compartments – one-half gourmet beef jerky and one-half gourmet nuts.

"What outdoorsman doesn’t like beef jerky, or trail mix and nuts?” said Chuck McMahon, president. “Those are international food staples that have been eaten for centuries all over the planet. We’ve just put them together in one spot. So we’ve created a healthy snack that allows the outdoor sportsman to choose which part of the snack they would like by using a convenient bag that is divided into two pouches. One side is beef jerky and one side is nuts.”

“Our premium Smokey All-Natural Beef Jerky is enclosed in every bag of jerky and the added pouch for It’s Nuts allows the sportsman on the go the ability to eat a healthy snack,” added Michael Mucci, founder of Jerk Nation. “Hunters, fishermen, hikers, campers or even if someone is attending a sporting event – the Sportsman’s Mix is an opportunity to combine the choice of two healthy foods together in one convenient package."

The jerky that is also of gourmet quality. Steve Johnson, author of the Best Beef Jerky Web site and blog, stated in multiple reviews of Jerk Nation’s various products that it "packs in a lot of flavor...offers a great value..." and that the "price per ounce is close to what you'll pay at the grocery store for a Jack Link's or an Oberto jerky, but you'll get better flavor and meat consistency with this." Best Beef Jerky gave Jerk Nation a “BEST rating...five stars."

The size of the overall pack is 4 oz. of total product in a pouch ready for direct shelf sales, Mucci told “The product comes packed either six or 12 units per master case. We have 1 oz. of All Natural Smoke house Select Jerky with a Teriyaki flavoring. The Its Nuts are packed in 3-oz. bags of traditional fresh Trail Mix.

“The SRP is $4.99/unit package at the low end, to higher-end stores selling it at $5.99/unit package,” he added. “It’s a tremendous value for the price, having both products offered in one convenient pouch ready for the backpack or just eat and carry anywhere.”

Jerk Nation Beef Jerky is owned and operated by Adam's Gourmet Inc. Jerk Nation product line can be bought at two locations on the internet: its main site can be found at and their portal site at Jerk Nation will continue to offer new flavors and products in the coming months.