OMAHA, Neb. – ConAgra Foods’ Wolf Brand Chili is expanding distribution and is now available at major retailers in Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. ConAgra executives said this marks the brand's first major expansion outside the South Central U.S., where the Texas-style chili holds the No. 1 spot in market share.

This expansion was driven by consumer research that showed even though the Midwest has the highest index of chili consumption in the nation, the region reports only moderate canned chili sales.

"Chili eaters in the Midwest are more likely to make their chili from scratch," said Arnicia Fleming, brand manager, ConAgra Foods. "We think Midwesterners will convert to Wolf Brand Chili, because they found the quality and bold flavors of Wolf Brand Chili more reminiscent of homemade than other canned chili brands.”

Consumer research also led to developing the new Homestyle variety. Consumers said they like more vegetables in their chili, and the new variety contains onions, tomatoes and green peppers. Homestyle will be on shelf at retailers next to Original with Beans, Original No Beans and Turkey with Beans. The varieties retail for $1.67.