OMAHA — ConAgra Foods is introducing Fresh Flavor Steamer frozen entrees to its Marie Callender’s brand with the products using steam cooking for fresh meals in five minutes or less.

The meals use tray-in-tray steaming technology that separates the sauce from the rest of the ingredients during cooking. The new product line introduction comes after the successful launch of Marie Callender’s Pasta Al Dente meals, which are steam-cooked as well.

“Pasta Al Dente meals are eaten at lunch 50% of the time versus only 39% for premium single-serve frozen meals,” said Jenn Freeman, brand director for ConAgra. “With new consumers enjoying Marie Callender’s in new ways, we definitely saw an opportunity to expand our Pasta Al Dente line of steam-cooked meals to include new recipes from around the globe that have broader consumer appeal.”

Fresh Flavor Steamers come in varieties such as Asian-inspired sesame chicken; chicken teriyaki and chicken stir fry with vegetables; classic American recipes smoky cheddar mac & uncured bacon; creamy chicken & portobello risotto; and Mexican-inspired chicken fajita bowl.

The suggested retail price is $2.99.