Bacon flavor without actual bacon apparently is a thing. So to meet demand for bacon-less bacon flavor that gets the “natural” seal of approval, Blue Marble Biomaterials recently launched natural bacon dithiazine flavor ingredient for food and beverage applications.

Blue Marble’s bacon dithiazine is manufactured using plant-based, non-virgin biomass streams as the starting material. The product meets all natural labeling requirements established by regulatory agencies in the United States and European Union. Blue Marble manufactures its bacon dithiazine in Missoula, Montana, using the company’s proprietary, non-GMO fermentation technology and is certified vegan and kosher.

“Most don’t believe me when I say this but we have succeeded in manufacturing this product from over a dozen different types of biomass including spent coffee grounds, tomato pomace and grape pomace,” said Colby Underwood, co-CEO and chief business officer. “Yes, you heard me right — the flavor and aroma of bacon from plants.”

Blue Marble Biomaterials manufactures renewable specialty ingredients for the food, fragrance, cosmetics and personal care industries in a zero-waste, carbon-neutral production facility in Missoula. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Seattle-based Blue Marble Energy.