SALISBURY, Md. – Because of the potential that a small number of frozen chicken nuggets may contain pieces of plastic, Perdue Farms, in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, has voluntarily recalled 91,872 pounds of fully cooked, frozen chicken nuggets sold under the Great Value brand.

The recall involves only Great Value-branded fully cooked chicken nuggets with a "Best If Used By Date" of June 9, 2011 and the numbers "89008" followed by the letter "A" and the numbers "0160" printed on the back of the package. The package also bears Establishment number "P-33944." No other Great Value-branded chicken products or Perdue products are involved in the recall. The recalled product was distributed through Walmart stores in the U.S.

No reports of injury associated with this product have been reported.

"We determined the likely source was a small plastic ring that got into the raw material before the nuggets were formed," said Bruce Stewart-Brown, Perdue's senior vice president for food safety and quality. "This would have resulted in a minimal amount of consumer packages potentially containing nuggets with the plastic, which is bright blue in color. However, out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to recall all 50,688 packages of nuggets produced in the same product run."