WASHINGTON – The Food Safety and Inspection Service announced four recalls over the weekend due to allergen fears.

Taylor Farms, Tracy, Calif., is recalling approximately 52,191 lbs. of chicken Caesar salad products because of misbranding and undeclared allergens. The products contain egg, an allergen, which is not noted on the label. The egg is an ingredient in the Caesar dressing packet in the salads. So Ono Food Products, Honolulu, Hawaii, is recalling approximately 553 lbs. of chicken Caesar salads, and Triple B Corporation, Anchorage, Alaska, is also recalling approximately 229 lbs. of chicken Caesar salads for the same reason.

Meanwhile, Silva Sausage Co., Gilroy, Calif., is recalling approximately 28,782 lbs. of chicken sausage products because of misbranding – an undeclared allergen, cultured whey, is an ingredient in the spice blend, which is not noted on the label.

The Taylor Farms problem was discovered when a consumer had a reaction after consuming the Caesar salad. The consumer had a known allergy to eggs and suspected eggs were an ingredient in the Caesar salad dressing. FSIS and the other three companies have received no reports of adverse reactions due to consumption of suspect products.