AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS — Corbion’s latest upgrade on its Listeria control model tool now includes a temperature feature. The online Listeria control model may aid food manufacturers to identify optimal antimicrobial interventions based on product formulation and other factors, including temperature, the company said.

The temperature feature enables users to input up to five different storage conditions with ascending temperature profiles. The feature also may enable users to more accurately mimic real-world storage and distribution conditions, according to the company.

The tool uses research data found by Corbion, which focuses on Listeria studies over more than 20 years and also estimates microbial outgrowth. With the research, users may enter variables like moisture level, pH, sodium and potassium content, nitrite levels and water activity as well as storage temperature. After entering their desired information, the tool will then generate detailed reports and plot predicted Listeria growth in the product over time, the company said.

“Being able to more quickly and accurately identify the optimal Listeria control solution helps our customers better protect their customers and their brands, reduce product waste, and streamline product development,” said Lonneke van Dijk, senior director, Preservation at Corbion. “It also allows them to be more responsive to the changing needs of the market.”