CELAYA, MEXICO — Poultry and pork producer Industrias Bachoco announced on July 12 that it completed the acquisition of Norson Holding for 100% of the company.

The purchase was first reported in Dec. 2022. According to the company, the acquisition was valued at $79 million.

“This acquisition strengthens our inorganic growth strategy and diversifies our other animal protein business line,” said Ernesto Salmon Castelo, chief executive officer of Industrias Bachoco. “In synergy with our participation in SASA, Norson will add capacity of process and distribution not only in the national market, but also in the export market as well. This, along with the integration of the talent of their more than 2,500 employees, will allow Industrias Bachoco to reinforce its presence in the Mexican market in order to continue being one of the main animal protein producers.”

Norson is a vertically integrated pork producer and exporter located in Sonora, Mexico. It processes about 1.3 million head per year with a business that operates in genetics, feed mills, hog farms and slaughter facilities.

It also exports commercially to the United States, Japan, China and Korea, along with other countries.

Bachoco has made recent moves to become more involved in pork production and other proteins. In June 2020, it acquired a stake in Sonora Agropecuaria. Then in 2022 it acquired RYC Alimentos, a multi-protein meat processor and distributor with facilities in Puebla, Mexico.

Industrias Bachoco announced in March that it would consider delisting its company from the New York Stock Exchange.